Vancouver TCM provides Oriental Medicine therapy including acupuncture, Tuina (acupressure massage), and Taoist Classic Medicine, which has a history over 4000 years. As all successful health care clinics demanded, qualified practitioners with authentic education and intensive clinical experience make our practice help whoever in need of better wellness.

Vancouver TCM delivers over decades clinical experience to help spinal disorders, sports injury, stroke recovery and many internal ailments. Our clinic also specializes in TCM pediatrics, holistic spine care, TIA recovery, brain health, prenatal and postnatal health etc.Taoist Classic Medicine

Prevention is the key, and we offer herbal health diet advice, wellness lifestyle coach, Tai chi, Qigong and Chinese meditation program to empower your health.

Our services of acupuncture and herbal remedy are covered by extended health insurances and MSP. Our over-counter herbal medicine services make TCM affordable to everybody.