TCM has been practiced as general medicine for long history which covers all concerns of health disorders. Acupuncture has been famous for pain management in the West, applied for sports injury and spinal disorders in most people’s common sense. As an alternative medicine, most people seek for help that modern medicine short of solution or risk of side effect. When body and mind wellness becomes popular, TCM is more well known for the treatment of stress and mental disorders.

Actually, Oriental Medicine expertise is troubleshooting more concerns that modern medicine lack of experience of recovery. A list of ABCs as follow will open people’s mind to its application.

Arthritis, Bronchitis, Cold&flu

Allergy, Blood pressure, Cholesterol

Asthma, Bloating, Constipation

Acne, Bladder disorder, ConcussionVanTCMbanner

Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, Circulation

Auto-immune, Brain disorder, Cancer

There are many disorders modern medicine tries to find the reason, even though lab test figures no clues. Many symptoms come with functional imbalance but with no physical problems. Holistic medicine views the body as a system and unity than just a common piece of anatomy. TCM has been approved by billions of people over thousands of years. Its clinical experiences filed to support nowadays’ practitioners who could apply with profound training and clinical experiences.


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