Visceral massage therapy

The visceral network is specific bioenergy channels that associated with intestinal organs and solid organs system. The abdominal pressure and blood flow impact on inner organs functions, which are related to symptoms of the intestinal disorder, bladder problem, ovary, and uterus health, gastric digestion disorders etc. Nowadays research already discovered the microbes balance is important for neuron system, hormonal and mental activity.
Visceral network massage therapy has over hundreds years practice in oriental medicine. It is famous for treatment of abdominal bloating, PMS, pediatric disorders of digestion system, postnatal health, mental nerves disorders and posts surgery adhesive intestine problem etc. It is also a wellness maintaining therapy with absolute no side effect. The special massage therapy applies manipulations directly over abdominal areas and spinal channels to promote circulation. Regular treatment will help the inner health, improve metabolism and detoxify the colon system. It used to be a secret therapy in classic Taoist medicine, which demands energy exercise to promote bioenergy.
The major concerns could be treated with the therapy include:
1. Indigestion

2. IBS

3. Bloating

4. PMS

5. Constipation

6. Bladder and prostate problems

7. Postnatal health

8. Fatigue

9. Insomnia

10. Anxiety

11. Stress

12. Gall bladder disorder

13. Pneumonia

14. Water retention

15. Uterine bleeding

16. Fibroid tumor of the uterus